The purpose of Social Computing for the Community website is to help people who are new to using computers and the internet find information and services that may be of interest to them. Essentially, it is a roadmap and aims to make finding things simple.

The Social Computing for the Community project is led by Business in the Community Ireland, bringing together businesses, NGOs and the Irish Prison Service to give value to the community.

  • The website is developed and maintained by volunteers in IBM Ireland
  • Age Action (www.ageaction.ie), Active Retirement Ireland (www.activeirl.ie), The Third Age (www.thirdageireland.ie) and Age and Opportunity (www.ageandopportunity.ie) provide input and feedback on content
  • A number of major companies in Ireland donate computers for refurbishment and distribution to community organisations
  • Iasio (www.iasio.ie), Camara (www.camaraireland.ie) and the Irish Prison Service (www.irishprisons.ie) organise the refurbishment of computers by prisoners, which helps to develop their technical skills and improve their chances of finding work after release.
  • As part of this project we have a pool of computers which can be allocated to a group. If you would like to request computers for your organisation, please complete the form by clicking on this link here.

If you would like to find out more about Social Computing for the Community, please contact Business in the Community at info@bitc.ie or on 01-874 7232.